How to make a decorative, and completely edible, apple swan! I made a few modifications to the original idea, to get the effect you see here.

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Project Inspired By:

A friend in England in 2001 showed me the idea originally. I also found to help refresh my memory, and then made a few of my own changes to make the swan look better and more attractive. I got the inspiration for using seeds as eyes in this video:

Project History & More Info:

I remembered someone showing me how to make an apple into a swan while I was in England in 2001. I can’t remember who it was though, and I just remember that it was a nice try, and although the wings looked cool, and head and neck were terrible.

I really liked the idea though, so I spent an entire day cutting up apples in different ways to see if I could make it better.

I also saw a video online where someone used apple seeds to make eyes ( which was really awesome, so I tried to incorporate that in.

I ended up with this method for making the apple swan, which I think really looks incredible, and we ended up putting them on display for some dinner guests we had that night.



  1. When they say 'don't play with food'

  2. It's not the apple swan…

    It's the iSwan

  3. By me it came out like a duck!🤣

  4. I did this and it turned out awesome!!

  5. Wait… does eating this make you vegan or no?

  6. I just wanna say this is some bs and jacque pépin did this first

  7. I'm going to feed this to my bird for his birthday

  8. wow… that's actually pretty creative and pretty

  9. I tried this and I didn’t work, might try again next time.

  10. I tried this once and now I have a scar on my thumb, be careful 🙂

  11. I know I can do it

    its too hard

  12. When mom says not to play with food

  13. Creative things but it just takes too long, and it is was easier to just eat an apple without cutting it! It is was healthier 😄

  14. Going to comments

    Realizing vid was made 5 years ago

  15. Can I make this without an apple?

  16. I’m kinda allergic to apples but ok

  17. Please Apple Ka salad me bare me video bannye

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