How to make a 3D Card using simple utilities like paper,scissors,glue and colors.Easy to make, and can be presented in the form of greeting cards or souvenirs. If you liked it, please share,like and subscribe 😊


Material required
-colored bond paper/printer paper
-Chart paper

Pop Up Card Flower 1- Paper Craft – Handmade Craft

DIY Flower Pop up Card:

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  1. Omg! Thank you, you saved my life. Ur the best🙂

  2. My girlfriend loves me now👍💘💓

  3. Hermosos 🌺🌻🌼🌸😍! Más la canción ❤

  4. Help i can't do the flowers right

  5. I made it and it was awesome

  6. It works!!! Thank you so much! <3

  7. To lovely mam 😍😍
    I just love it

  8. The idea is good and very interesting, I like it, it looks simple and just adds congratulatory words

  9. I tried it and it was amazing! Love your creativity! ❤❤

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