An easy, inexpensive project perfect for doing with kids! Make paper chef’s hats.

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  1. I am surprised no comments
    it's very helpful thank you

  2. How LONG is the card stock for a child (3rd grade…) hat?

  3. OMG! I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You TOTALLY saved the day! 😊 On Monday of last week my daughter (3rd grader) came home excited about career day that was coming up that Friday. She wanted to dress as a chef but I knew we didn't have any dress-up items for a chef. So I told her we would look on line sometime later that week and figure out how me could come up with a chef's outfit from items we already had around the house. Unfortunately, I had been so bzy that I had forgotten ALLLL about it. Then…Friday morning came. I woke up to my daughter EXCITINGLY asking "Mom… did you remember career day?" And my heart just SANK and I felt AWFUL because it TOTALLY slipped my mind. 😱😢 and had no time to put together anything because the school bus was about to pull up at any minute. smh so I had to apologise and PROMISE to make it up to her (somehow). So after she made the school bus I checked to see what time the career day event was going to start. I had one hour to search the web and come up with SOMETHING. That's when I ran across your tutorial! 🙌 I had everything in house already, grabbed one of her kitchen set aprons, drew a few cute little things on the front of apron to show she was a chef, and grabbed her little toy whisk and rubber spatula to place in the apron pocket and was off to her school. (made it there 10 minutes before Career Day started) When she saw that I was there to surprise her with her Chef outfit her eyes just LIT UP!!! 😀 We BOTH were SO HAPPY!! Sorry I wrote a NOVEL but I had to give the details of just how much this tutorial SAVED THE DAY!!! THANK YOU 😊

  4. THANK YOU! So easy… took my granddaughter and me about 15 minutes with materials we already had… was a kindergarten CAREER DAY saver as I only had one days' notice that she needed a costume. She already had a Chef apron so we were good to go!

  5. Really nice vedio
    Thanks for guid

  6. how big (cm) is the paper? for the head and for the top? many thanks

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwww
    I really shocked that how anyone could make such a beautiful hat

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