1. I know what doreamon is about but does anyone know where i can get a book in america?

  2. @heba0711 do you have paypal? if so, go 2 my channel, watch the vid that plays automatically, click the link in the info box below the vid which shows the prices. theres a message template to show you how to order, then just decide how many sticks of colours you want, send me a message to order, with your paypal email & country (so is it united arab emirates?) and i'll send u a paypal request

  3. @heba0711 also check on coinmill to know approx. how much that would cost you in your currency. sometimes it might be crazy expensive so just make sure you know how much it is, like $10USD is 36.75AED, i'm not sure if thats expensive for you or not, so yeah, just know how much it'll actually be in your currency before you decide on ordering coinmill.com/AED_USD.html#USD=10

  4. @threattluke i make them. look up 3d origami for beginners for how to make them

  5. Awesome but is there a way we can use less paper???!!!!!
    Plz reply

  6. @FelisAurome no. its only like 5 a4 pages of blue, 2 white, and 1 of the red and yellow. these small models dont use that many pieces compared to big models in the old tutorials

  7. yaaay! i LOVE doraemon! i'm going to do this!

  8. your old second version is better :O

  9. im making one for my friend, and i know how to make the triangles, but i don't know where to find the colored paper. construction paper doesn't seem to work. Thank you for posting all these videos!

  10. the beginning rly confuses me
    I don't understand how you can connect the 3 pcs to the other 3 pcs
    can u plz tell me how many pcs there are for the first 3 rows? I can understand that better

  11. its 12 pieces per row, and you're making 3 rows at once. its 36 altogether to make the 1st 3 rows, but its just easier to think of it as 12 pieces per row

  12. i tried it but it didnt come ou from the bottom

  13. hei can you try to make a samuri cat

  14. I'm in big trouble. How to make these pieces of corns. Please give me a reply

  15. i like your tutorials
    they are soo good

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